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   Lambert Industries has over 40 years of experience in cutting gemstones, and we pride ourselves in our stellar work and honest dealings. Over the years, our expert gem-cutting services have provided thousands of satisfied customers with beautifully cut gemstones. Our clients include large and small mine owners, amateur fossickers, and renowned jewelry designers. Lambert seeks to unearth the beauty of each stone, taking into account balance, color, and size. Stones can be faceted in any number of shapes and styles, including cushion, emerald, marquis, novette, oval, teardrop, or cabochon.  


Stone Type 0-.49cts Over
0-.74cts Over
0-.99cts Over .99cts
 Corundum / Emerald / Apatite  $3.65 / pc  $6.25 / ct  *****  *****  $1.85 / pc  $1.85 / ct
 Most Other Stones  *****  *****  $3.75 / pc  $3.75 / ct  $1.45 / pc  $1.45 / ct
 Kunzite, Fluorite, Rhodochrosite  *****  *****  $6.25 / pc  $6.25 / ct  $1.85 / pc  $1.85 / ct
 Calibrated Sizes Surcharge  $0.60 / pc  $0.60 / ct  $0.65 / pc  $0.65 / ct  $0.65 / pc  $0.65 / ct
 Recutting  $7.00 / pc  $7.00 / ct  *****  *****  $3.5 / pc  $3.5 / ct

Volume Discount
Orders value between US$ 1,000 to US$ 1,499 – 5% discount
Orders value between US$ 1,500 to 1,999 – 7.5% discount
Orders value from US$ 2,000 onwards – 10% discount

**Lambert does not cut diamonds
All prices are quoted in U.S. $ and are subject to change
Lambert does not offer heat treatment of stones
Our up to date price list will be always be listed on our website (



Sending Stones to Lambert

Rough stones can be packaged in plastic bags and placed in a small box or padded envelope. Be sure to enclose

(1) a packing list (if you don’t know what kind of gemstone will appear from your rough stones, that’s OK)
(2) any cutting specifications or special instructions, and
(3) either an email address or telephone number where you can be contacted if we have questions.

Lambert has no minimum order size, and we suggest that you send more rather than less if you are unsure if your rough stones can be cut.

Most of the rough stones that Lambert receives are sent by regular registered mail (for example, Australia Post, Canada Post, or the United States Postal Service) requiring a signature. FedEx and DHL are quite expensive and will charge all taxes back to the sender for incoming packages; therefore, we do not suggest these methods.

When shipping rough stones, clearly label the package “Mineral sample, no commercial value” (remember, most rough stones have little or no commercial value—you are not estimating how much the cut gemstones may be worth on the customs form, only the value of the actual rough stones). However, if you choose to insure your package for the assumed value of the cut gemstones, be sure that the value is not on the outside of the package or the Government of Thailand will charge a 30% incoming duty on this written value. Lambert will add this to your bill and contact you if this charge is over US$50.00. If you must put a value on the outside of the package as required by some countries, Lambert suggests a nominal value of US$25.00.

Lambert uses Thailand Post for returning cut gemstones. They are shipped by registered insured airmail with a signature required. In our experience, it is an extremely rare event for a parcel to go missing. Our return postage charge is US$19.00, and express mail is US$65.00.

Our mailing address is as follows:
Lambert Industries Ltd.
807 Silom Road, 4th Floor
Bangkok 10500


    Genuine Gemstones
Round Brilliant Cut
Round Star Cut
Oval Star Cut
Marquise Star Cut
Pear Star Cut
Square Princess Cut
Cabochon Round
Cabochon Oval
    Natural Stones / Green Agate / Marcasite
Round Brilliant Cut
    Cubic Zirconia
Round Diamond Cut
Round Brilliant Cut
Oval Diamond Cut
Marquise Diamond Cut
Pear Diamond Cut
Square Step Cut
Square Princess Cut
sq.p. invisible Setting Cut
Tapered Baquette Cut
Octagon Step Cut
Triangle Step Cut
Baquette step Cut
Baquette Princess Cut
    Synthetic Spinel / Synthetic Corundum
Round Brilliant Cut
Square Step Cut
Square Princess Cut
Baquette Step Cut
Cabochon Round
Round Brilliant Cut
Square Step Cut
Square Princess Cut
Octagon Step Cut
Baquette Step Cut
Cabochon Round

Unsolicited praise for our gem cutting service says it better than we can: “The size and shape of each stone had determined the final cut…” “There was no way, as a novice, I could have executed such a wide variety of cuts or even worked with the small sizes of some of the stones.

“So how did they look? Well, to put it simply, they looked great. I even had one piece returned that was deemed unsuitable for cutting. I was also impressed with the professional invoice that came with my gemstones…” “I figured I saved myself about $400 (Australian) by getting them cut in Thailand.” “So, to all of you who thought the Lambert Industries classified advert urging you to get your stones cut in Thailand was too good to be true, your wrong.”
*From an article in Australia Gold, Gem and Treasure magazine, May 2003 issue

"Thais are known for their excellent workmanship as gem cutters, silversmiths, and artisans. The key is to find reputable shops, such as Lambert..."
*From Business Week

Try us out, you will not be disappointed.m cutting

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