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Placing an order with Lambert is easy. Below, please find a summary of the steps required. Should you have any problems, you can always contact us and we will help in any way possible.

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After confirming your order you will receive an email from Lambert advising about payment options.

Available payments accepted
USD checks and USD money orders.
Credit cards through Paypal (A PayPal account is NOT required. You may pay as usual with the credit cards we accept.)
Your Paypal account.

PayPal payment accepted
*If you prefer to make an online payment by credit card or Paypal account we will send you an Paypal Email Payment Invoice
*Transfers are not accepted as exchange rates and fees make this cost prohibitive.



Lambert sends all packages via fully insured registered mail at a cost of $12.50 per package. Cutting customers packages are $12.50 per package though charged at cost if over 1kg. Timing is 1-2 weeks depending on local and foreign mail.

Express shipping can be had for $30 USD and usually arrives in 3-5 days. This is posted via THAI EMS.

FED EX and DHL can also be used and is charged at cost. Arrives 2-3 days.

If you are mailing TO Lambert please mail to or




Order Size/Stones
There is no minimum order size requirement. Our cutters can cut just about every cutting style including fancy cuts. If you are not an expert it will not be possible for you to determine the various possible styles that an individual piece of rough can be cut into.
With this in mind, many of our cutting customers leave the cutting style up to the discretion of our master cutter. Some customers list their cutting style preference(s) and state, "if possible."

The yield of cut stones from your rough will depend on the quality of the rough stones in your parcel and the type of cut styles you request.
If left up to our master cutter, he will not cut stones that he deems are not worth cutting (these will be returned as rejects with your cut stones).
As an example, Australian rough sapphire parcels (not pre selected) have a yield of about 10% to 20%. This is because Australian sapphire deposits have a relatively low percentage of gem or commercial grade material.
If the cutting style is left up to our cutter, he will cut to the largest size(s) possible for each rough cuttable grade crystal.
If you specify calibrated sizes and/or standard sizes (extra charge), this will reduce the yield. If you request “eye clean” or no visible flaws, this will reduce the yield.
If there are rough stones that are deemed not facet grade, you can request them to be cut in cabochon style, if they are suitable for this.

Different customers have different requirements. Some customers want only “eye clean”, “no inclusions/no flaws”, some say “eye clean, if possible, but moderate inclusions are okay”, some say “moderate inclusions are okay” and some say “inclusions are okay.”
If you want standard/calibrated sizes, please specify this. If you do not, our master cutter will cut for size, within the limits/constraints of your other specifications.

In the note enclosed with your parcel you should list: The stones enclosed (count and, if possible, carat weight), your preferences/instructions and “mineral samples, no commercial value.”

If you insure your stones, do not put the value inside the parcel or on the outside of the parcel. Send your parcel of stones by registered (or insured) air mail, in a padded envelope, via the Australian (or USA) Post Office. If your Post Office will not allow registered mailing for the type of parcel you select, then send it by insured mail. Do not send it by courier service.
Enclose a note that says "Mineral Samples, No Commercial Value." The note should include a packing list and any cutting preferences you have. Some customers have preferences and some leave it entirely up to our master cutter. If your Post Office employee requires you to put a value on the green Customs sticker, put a nominal value ($25).

Postage/Mailing: Mailing time, by registered air mail, is an average of about 7 days each way for Australia-Bangkok and 10 to 14 days for the USA-Bangkok. Our mailing charge, by registered air mail, is US$12.50. Express Mail is quicker (3 to 5 days) and we charge US$ 30 for this.

The parcel/customs sticker should have no value or a low declared value. The reason for this is that Thai Customs will inspect almost all parcels of any large size. If your parcel has a high declared value, there will be a duty tax charged by Thai Customs. Any imposed tax would be your responsibility. The attached mailing instructions also advise against sending goods by courier service because many small parcels sent by Post are not inspected by customs (however all large parcels are). If you need to send by courier service, for the purpose of safety (in your country), please feel free to do so. Most Australians and Americans send their parcels via their Post Office.

Please send your parcel to our Bangkok office. The address of our Bangkok office is as follows:
LAMBERT INDUSTRIES, LTD., 807-809 Silom Road, Soi 17
4th Floor Silom Shanghai Building, Bangkok 10500 Thailand

All stones are counted and weighed. All reject rough is returned with your cut stones.

Regarding the return of your cut stones: We use the Thai Post Office for sending cut stones, by insured registered air mail, to most Western Countries, Australia and Japan. It is an extremely rare event for a parcel to go missing. Residents of certain countries are concerned about safety and request their stones to be returned by FedEx. If you wish to have your returned cut stones sent by FedEx, please let us know, with every parcel you send. FedEx is quite costly and you will be charged the actual amount charged by FedEx. Most Australian and American customers have their cut stones returned by the Thai Post.

If you have email, please note your email address in the letter/notes you send with your parcel. You will be notified, by email, when your parcel of gem rough arrives and when your completed cutting order is sent out.



Images on our website may have been reduced or enlarged however not altered in any other way. We try to provide the most accurate pictures possible to avoid returns. Colors are represented as truly as possible and you can request further photos be taken at no additional charge or obligation.



Please contact us for wholesale pricing information. We sell direct to the consumer and assist multiple shops/stores to design collections. Retailers are welcome to contact us for bulk pricing.

Return Policy
Lambert is proud and stands by all products that we produce. We are happy to exchange or refund any items (in original condition) that you choose to return within three months of receipt. We do not charge a re-stocking fee…HOWEVER, frequent returns will result in removal from the Lambert customer base. For very special design pieces Lambert reserves the right to notify customers prior to ordering if returns will not be accepted. Ultimately, if you have any questions please contact us

Policy Changes
Lambert Reserves the right to update policies at any time. We suggest that customers check back to see if any changes have been made.


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