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Lambert Industries has over 40 years of experience in cutting gemstones, and we pride ourselves in our stellar work and honest dealings. Over the years, our expert gem-cutting services have provided thousands of satisfied customers with beautifully cut gemstones. Our clients include large and small mine owners, amateur fossickers, and renowned jewelry designers. Lambert seeks to unearth the beauty of each stone, taking into account balance, color, and size. Stones can be faceted in any number of shapes and styles, including cushion, emerald, marquis, novette, oval, teardrop, or cabochon.


Service Fee
Under 0.49cts Corundum & Emerald price is $3.65/pc

Over 0.49cts Corundum & Emerald price is $6.25/ct
Under 0.74cts Most other stones price is $3.75/pc
Over 0.74cts Most other stones price is $3.75/ct
Cabohons price starting from $1.85 depends on size
Calibrated Sizes Surcharge $0.60/ct
No extra charge for cutting to fancy
All prices are quoted in U.S. $
See Full Chart of Cutting Price



For over 35 years, Lambert Industries has been striving to exceed our customers’ expectations with gorgeous, quality products; exceptional, creative design; and excellent English-speaking customer service. Located in Bangkok, Thailand, Lambert provides gem-cutting services, sells ready-made jewelry and loose gemstones, and creates custom-made treasures.

In 2011, due to popular demand, we proudly launched Lambert Gems online to sell jewelry and gemstones direct to consumers around the globe at wholesale Thailand pricing. Bangkok is the colored gemstone capital of the world, and our access to the high-quality variety available in the surrounding region enables us to price our jewelry and gemstones at “local” prices.

Here, at Lambert, our staff aims to provide the ultimate balance between form and function throughout our business dealings. We invite you to join our devoted following of jewelry and gemstone enthusiasts.

Your delight is our pleasure.



The Aurora Collection

The great collection 12 pieces of Sapphire
The largest and most beautiful is 16.98cts
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Silver Jewelry Collection

The collection of Silver Jewelry
The excellent pricing with quite high stones quality
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Sapphire Fancy Various 50918
Our Price: Call

Tourmaline Green 50952
Our Price: Call

Tourmaline 51577
Our Price: Call

Sapphire oval Fancy 52059
Our Price: Call

Sapphire Round Fancy 52060
Our Price: Call

Sapphire Round Fancy 52061
Our Price: Call

Sapphire Round Fancy 52061
Our Price: Call

Tourmaline cm00018
Our Price: Call


Shopping Tips For Buying a Diamond 28091Viewed
You will also discover the importance of the cut quality/cut grade and how this will determine the appearance of your diamond while selecting an E color, VVS1 stone over a G color, VVS2, for example, will not effect the appearance of the diamond (to the unaided eye).

Gemstone Shopping Tips 16549Viewed
If you are planning to have your gemstone(s) set in a piece of jewelry, your budget consideration should take into account the estimated cost of the setting. A very large stone will require a larger, more costly setting than a smaller stone.

Gemstones Technical Detail 5796Viewed
Hardness scale of Moh and Gemstone properties

Sapphire & Ruby 21006Viewed
"Historically", ruby and sapphire have been at the top tier of the most important and valuable gems, their importance only surpassed by diamond.

Pearl Terminology 6473Viewed
Pearls have been found in a variety of mollusks. In the gem and jewelry trade, the two main pearl producers are the pearl oyster, which is a marine oyster and produces the oriental pearl, and the pearl mussel, a fresh water mollusk producing the fresh water pearl.

Elsbeth Zimmermann Interview 5528Viewed
This month we bring you an interview with Elsbeth Zimmerman, our director and head jewelry designer. Elsbeth is the heart of Lambert, bringing a welcoming presence and an eye of designer to the office each day. If you have done business with us anytime in the past eight years, chances are you already know (and love!) Elsbeth, but read on to discover more about this Swiss-born painter turned gemologist.

Lambert at our booth at the Bundaberg Gemboree 3952Viewed
It was a great show and we met many new customers as well as many return customers. I was also invited to present a necklace we made to show people what can be done with AU gemstones.



Lambert donated toys and money to the Good Shepard Sisters care center in Bangkok

Giving the toys and watching the Xmas show they put on for their donors. It was an uplifting experience to see so much good being done and being a small part of it.





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